Bre & Izaak Are Getting Married

I met Bre and Izaak at Hendricks Park, which is one of my favorite places here in Eugene. It was freezing, foggy and a little damp outside, but we powered through and got some gorgeous shots. I love the dreamy look that the fog gives. I hope you enjoy some teasers! For more, check out Kamlyn Icenhower Photography on Facebook!

 photo Goecker-DowningEngagement-49_zpse01e894a.jpg

 photo Goecker-DowningEngagement-1_zpsa6d17071.jpg

 photo Goecker-DowningEngagement-84_zps2cccf357.jpg

 photo Goecker-DowningEngagement-89_zps31cfc771.jpg

 photo Goecker-DowningEngagement-37_zps8b7f3305.jpg

 photo Goecker-DowningEngagement-28_zps81d774c9.jpg

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