K+J and a Baby on the Way! {Eugene Area Photographer}

Sometimes you meet a mom-to-be who has a crazy, yet amazing pregnancy tale to tell. Kayla is one of those moms. She is pregnant with her first baby and, at 35 weeks, she's had a run in or two with preterm labor, which has meant both a hospital stay AND some bed rest for her. Needless to say that when she contacted me to do her maternity photos, I was glad that she was hoping to do them sooner rather than later. As a mom myself, I think maternity photos are a great way to look back and remember that even though there are parts of pregnancy that stink, you carried LIFE inside of you. I know my oldest likes to see photos from when I was pregnant with her.

Now, because of Kayla's history of preterm labor and the fact she knew that they wouldn't stop her labor now that she's hit 35 weeks, we decided to meet on Tuesday afternoon, just a couple of days after we talked about doing maternity photos. It was a perfect day. Not only was the sun shining, it was semi-warm and the orange, yellow and red leaves looked gorgeous in the sunlight! I love fall and the colors it brings with it. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Kayla and Joey and can't wait for them to meet their little boy! Congratulations to you two!

 photo KaylaampJoey101513-0524_zps457b9f99.jpg
 photo KaylaampJoey1015_zpsf9b4b80d.png
 photo KaylaampJoey101513-0430_zps15a69d91.jpg
 photo KaylaampJoey101513-0324_zps75e9aca3.jpg
 photo KaylaampJoey101513-0120_zpse77cbbab.jpg
 photo KaylaampJoey101513-0148_zps7222a838.jpg
 photo KaylaampJoey101513-0232_zps7531f9c3.jpg
 photo KaylaampJoey101513-0284_zps56d7fa87.jpg
 photo KaylaampJoey101513-0317_zps7e744ffd.jpg
^This one is my favorite!

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