Anna - Senior Portraits {Eugene Area Photography}

My sister-in-law, Anna, graduated from Oregon State University in June and I got to shoot some shots of her to send with her announcements. My favorite shots are the ones on the swings :-) Congratulations, Anna! We are so proud of you!

Anna Sr Collage

The A Family {Edmonds Family Photography}

I have been so focused on other things, like getting the new site up and running and taking care of my Facebook page that I've kind of neglected to post the sessions I've done here. Now that the site us up and I'm caught up on everything else, I can catch up on the blog :-)

I met the A family at Edmonds Beach, which is one of my favorite little beaches to sit and watch the waves, the ferry and the sunset. I love having sessions with people that I've known forever, but haven't seen in awhile. Kristina and I have known each other since elementary school, so when she heard I was going to be in the Seattle area, she set up a family session. It was so fun meeting up with her and her beautiful family! It was FREEZING outside, but we managed to get some great shots!

Amlak Family-23
Amlak Family-71
Amlak Family-268
Amlak Family-177
Amlak Family-213
Amlak Family-259
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