Joy of Life *update*

I have decided to only post my absolute FAVORITE Joy of Life photos on this blog from now on. Mainly because I am dealing with a sick little model and don't feel like my pictures are turning out that great. For those of you who follow my personal blog, pictures will be posted there :-)

Then and Now

That was today's Joy of Love lesson. So I found a picture of my hubby, Nathan, with my daughter, Em the day she was born and snapped a quick shot of them together. Em isn't feeling too great today, so she's be less than cooperative, but snuggled up with Daddy made her feel better :-)

Joy of Love Day Two

Day Two: How They Look {Capturing your loved one and really showing how they look} I was super excited about today's assignment, but unfortunately a cranky and feverish toddler can keep you from capturing even the most sincere I'm sick and I'm cranky, leave me alone look :-) I got one good shot of, my daughter, Emma, and of course, when I turned the camera towards my husband, he made the face he always makes. How fitting :-)

Tomorrow: Then and Now :-) I can't wait!

Joy of Love - Day 1

I enrolled myself in an online/email course called The Joy of Love. I thought it would be a great opportunity to better myself as a photographer and in just the first day, I've learned so much! I thought it would be cool to post my best or favorite picture of each day's assignment here, so you, as fans, can see the growth I make! Today's lesson was What They Do and it also included a great segment on light and your models position near a window. So I used my daughter, Em, for today's picture. I wanted to use her as my model today because I stay home with her and what a better way to capture What They Do than snap a photo of her doing what she does best - PLAYING! But I also decided to test the whole lighting thing too :-) So here's The Joy of Love Day One's Photos:

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